Welcome to Lillehammer Dyreklinikk

We are an animal clinic situated in the centre of Lillehammer. We treat both companion animals and farm animals in Lillehammer region.

Our clinic is situated nærby the crossing between the street Even Langsethvei  and the street Fåberggata. Our address is Fåberggata 157.

We can over veterinary help in case of emergency or if your animal gets injured during your stay in Norway. We also fill out documentation of wormtreatment in the animal passport. In our animal clinic we sell Royal canin dog and cat food, we sell anti-parasite products and several shampoo`s and other products.

Norway is a rabies free country and is free for the small fox tapeworm (Echinococcus multocularis). Norway would like to keep things this way and therefore there are several rules to obey when travelling with your animal in to Norway.

What do you need to have organized before travelling with your dog to Norway?

  • Your pet needs a microchip and this number needs to be filled out in the pass of your pet.
  • Your pet needs an animal passport.
  • Your pet needs to have been vaccinated against Rabies. Please take kontakt with your local veterinarian. There are several companies that produce Rabies vacines in Europe, consequently in some countries you need 2 vaccinations with rabies and in others is 1 vaccination enough to give enough protection against Rabies.
  • Worm treatment against the small fox tapeworm (Echinococcus multocularis): Your pet has to be treated (against the fox tapeworm) in the period 24-120 hours before travelling over the border of Norway. This treatment needs to be documented in your pets passport (this can only be done by a veterinarian). Please take contact with your local veterinarian in your country.

For rules for travelling from Norway back to your country, please take contact with the Food and safety department of your country.

We want to inform you that it is obligatorial in Norway to have your dog on a leash (?), this because of farm animals, dears and mooses that are living in the mountains and on the feelds around the city/villages. In Lillehammer there this is obligatorial during the period 01. April and 20. August. Most dogs in Norway are not castrated or sterillised.

In Norway there are living poisiness adders (hoggorm) that are living under and around stones and in bushes, they can also be found in the forest. A bite of this snake kan be lethal for kids and dogs. After a snakebite swelling around the snakebite area is seen. In case of a possible snakebite we advise you to carry the dog to your car and drive to the nearest veterinarian.

We advise you not to keep your dog in your warm car, during the hot sommer days.

We wish you a pleasant stay with your pet.

We are allways, 24 hours a day, available on the following phonenumber: Tel. 0047-99559199